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Freakin Zombie Head’s preview video

I just finished putting together a quick video preview of my new iPhone game. I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks in my spare time, so it’s been a basic one. Every single piece of artwork was drawn by me on my iPad using Sprite Something, a great 8bit art tool. Anyways, I’m very happy with it. I took an extra week to really polish off the game, adding instructions, sound effects and background animations. I think it really makes the game look fluid.

About the Game

Freakin’ Zombie Heads is a new iPhone game due out August of 2010. In FZH, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can. When two heads are matched, they explode, making room for more. The zombie heads fall at an increasing rate of speed, threatening to overflow the trash can. If they reach the top, you lose! As you destroy more and more zombie heads in a row, you unlock achievements, and increase your bonus multiplier. In a tight spot? Save the dynamite powerup to quickly clear the screen, but user beware! Using the dynamite resets your streak!


YouTube Link:

Z is for Zombie 2.0 YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video showing the new features in Z is for Zombie 2.0, the locked freeplay levels, new weapons and the new High Scores and Statistics screens. It’s sitting in review, and I’m hoping it comes out early this week.

F is for Falling 1.4 Preview Video

Here is a quick preview video of F is for Falling 1.4. It shows off a bunch of the new enhancements in 1.4, due out next week.

  • Birds don’t kill you anymore, they spin you around during which you can’t move
  • There are now achievements with notifications
  • Tweaked High Score method (it count’s down from 40,000)

It’s in currently in review.

F is for Falling preview video

I just uploaded a quick preview video of F is for Falling

V is for Vortex 1.01 is out!

 Wow – that was fast, V is for Vortex 1.01 was just approved for sale in the app store. I expect it will show up over the next few hours.


V is for Vortex preview

Here is a quick preview of my next game: V is for Vortex. It should be out early December.

Z is for Zombie 1.2 Preview

I just uploaded a quick preview of Z is for Zombie 1.2 on YouTube. You can see the updated Zombie AI, the faster spawn rate of the zombies, they now appear as soon as you start a level. You can also see the redesigned HUD with pausing.

Z is for Zombie v1.1 Preview

I made a quick preview video of Z is for Zombie 1.1, you can see it below. You’ll be able to see the zombies exploding, the new ‘survivors’ you need to avoid, and the new Zombie AI. It should be available early November.

Z is for Zombie has been submitted

I wanted to post an announcement that my first iPhone game is now in review with Apple. It’s called Z is for Zombie, and it’s a side scrolling survival game. I’ve released a few iPhone apps before, but nothing this involved. I hand drew every bit of artwork for the game.

The game uses a very basic control scheme. You move using the accelerometer and tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. You can adjust the accelerometer angle from the settings screen as well, so you’re not locked into what I think is the ideal playing angle.