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V is for Vortex 1.1 details

V is for Vortex 1.1 is nearing completion. Since iTunes Connect was down for the past week, I decided to go ahead and make some more improvements. So, this is what you can expect to find in 1.1:

  • More Responsive Controls – I’ve made the onscreen controls easier to hit, and faster to execute. It makes them much easier to use.
  • Improved Player Movement – The player now jumps a little higher, runs a little faster and moves a little smoother.
  • 36 New Levels – There will be 36 new levels in the game, bringing the total to 54. These new levels bringing in a whole new aspect of gameplay, you need to avoid falling stones, say out of the path of shooting guns, and in some levels, make it through without your Vortex Gun.
  • Saving – your progress will now be saved, and levels unlocked as you complete them.
  • Level Indicator – in the onscreen HUD it now tells you which level you are in
  • In Game Tutorial – I’ve completely redone the in game tutorial, instead of just a small test area, it guides you through the main aspects of the game.
  • Bug Fixes

It’s a pretty big list of improvements, which I think will make a lot of people very happy.

V is for Vortex / Z is for Zombie promo code contest!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve got 15 promo codes for each of my games, Z is for Zombie and V is for Vortex. To win a code, all you need to do is follow me on twitter and tweet something about the games.

1. Follow me on twitter:
2. Tweet a message, any message, about winning a code. It could be anything like “hoping to win a code for V is for Vortex”
3. Include this link:
4. Also include @jonmulcahy so I get the message

The contest is open until 11:59PM EST, at that time (or when I wake up), I will randomly select 15 messages per game. Every person can enter twice, one entry per game.

Once iTunes Connect opens back up I’ll have another contest, but until then, these are all the codes I’ve got.

Contests over for now

Contests are over for now, I gave away almost 50 codes for both Z is for Zombie and V is for Vortex, and they went fast. I also picked up like 30 new followers, not many compared to many people, but that was a 50% increase for me!

I’m still sending out codes, I’ve only sent out 1 V is for Vortex code so far, but the twitter users below won (forgive me if i spelled your name wrong, I had to write them all down quickly from my phone).  It’s going to take me awhile to send out all the codes, but they are coming.

This thursday, Christmas Eve I’ll be holding another contest. I’ll have a few Z is for Zombie / V is for Vortex promo codes to give away. Everyone who wins will also get a copy of my other app HypnoPhone (HypnoPhone Lite is free). HypnoPhone is one of the first apps I made, and it was released last spring. It’s a basic, but fun, hypnosis app that really only succeeds in making people dizzy :)

V is for Vortex Winners!

  • mgencarelli
  • 32g_iphone3gs
  • atomrofl
  • mattlukens
  • drelbs
  • dashizwiz19
  • eggzbacon
  • nhaus11
  • zack725
  • foozelz
  • goldglover411
  • Plast2
  • thatonetechguy
  • smheadrick11
  • nascorrocks
  • ipwngamez
  • imrganhi
  • itweeview
  • smithy1111
  • sherm7808
  • jacquesburdet
  • zakbob
  • foozel7
  • banjorudy

Z is for Zombie contest over – V is for Vortex starting soon

ok, here’s the plan for the V is for Vortex contest. At 4:00pm EST I’ll send out a message, the first 20 people who reply / retweet back to my 4:00PM EST tweet get a promo code.

I’ll post back here when I’m sending the tweet out, but if you want a head start,  follow me now : ). You can find a link to my twitter account on the right, or below.

Also, if you don’t win today, I’ll be doing another contest over twitter christmas eve, so follow me now to get in on that.

… and leave a good review in iTunes : )

V is for Vortex Lite is out!

V is for Vortex Lite is out, and it’s free! It has the first 6 levels of V is for Vortex, and upgrades at a much slower pace (6 levels instead of 18 per update).

You can read more about the game by visiting it’s website, or check it out in the app store!

Coming Together

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36 new levels for V is for Vortex

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V is for Vortex 1.1

V is for Vortex 1.1 is nearing completion, and has a few bug fixes, a few new additions and a whole bunch of levels.

I’ve fixed some of the small bugs people have been seeing, and made the onscreen controls a little more responsive by making their active area larger. I’ve added a reset button to reset the current scene if you get stuck. And, instead of 18 levels in this update, there’s a whopping 36!

I’m hoping to wrap it up so it can be submitted this weekend.

V is for Vortex – What We’re Playing

This morning V is for Vortex was added to the What We’re Playing list in the App Store under games!


V is for Vortex 1.1 preview

quick preview of some levels from 1.1

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