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F is for Falling 1.3 Screenshots

Some screenshots of F is for Falling 1.3

V is for Vortex 1.1 Update Preview

Some preview shots of the upcoming release, the new main screen, achievements page, level select with timers and two of the new 36 levels.


V is for Vortex screenshots

Just wanted to post a few new teaser screenshots of V is for Vortex. It should be out in the first days of December.

visforvortex1.0 - screenshot

visforvortex1.0 - screenshot2

Z is for Zombie 1.2 teaser screenshots

Here is a couple of quick teaser screenshots of version 1.2 of Z is for Zombie. You can see the updated HUD with a pause button, the new info page, and a game over screen:

zisforzombie - 1.2 - newhud

zisforzombie - 1.2 - paused

zisforzombie1.2 - instructions

zisforzombie1.2 - gameover