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V is for Vortex 1.1 preview

quick preview of some levels from 1.1

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V is for Vortex 1.01 preview video

Ok everyone, as promised, here is a quick preview of the new features in 1.01. It should be out in mid december. Followed by 1.1 towards the end of December which will have the 18 new levels. If you have any feedback, post below or join in the discussion over on the Touch Arcade forums.

1.01 includes:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Pause System
  • Onscreen Controls
  • Selectable Vortex Type

V is for Vortex preview

Here is a quick preview of my next game: V is for Vortex. It should be out early December.

V is for Vortex

I wanted to post a few quick teaser screenshots of V is for Vortex, the game is about 90% complete. All that remains is sound audio work and a few storyboards.  If everything remains on schedule, it should be completed tomorrow.

VisforVortex1.0 - main screen 

VisforVortex1.0 - level 4