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Climbing the rankings

F is for Falling has been steadly climbing the App Store rankings, faster and higher than I ever though would happen. In the United States, it currently sits at:

  • Number 74 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 95 in the Top 100 Paid Action Games
  • Number 246 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 528 in Paid Apps Overall

That’s just incredible. In Canada it’s doing just as well:

  • Number 84 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 112 in the Paid Action Games
  • Number 319 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 673 in Paid Apps Overall

And in Macau

  • Number 14 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 20 in the Top 100 Paid Action Games
  • Number 47 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 116 in Paid Apps Overall

Pretty cool!

F is for Falling 1.1 is out!

F is for Falling 1.1 was released tonight, it’s got a number of features:

  • Better icon
  • Bug fix: Player could end up off the screen
  • Bug fix: when an object killed you, the same object was the first thing you got when restarting the game
  • Bug fix: entering the game and playing without looking at your high scores first will clear out scores 2-10
  • Bug fix: hitting Pause repeadily will duplicate the hazards
  • Enhancement: Leader Boards button on High Scores screen
  • Available in the App Store now!

    F is for Falling – What’s Hot

    Apple has also decided to feature F is for Falling in it’s “What’s Hot” section in the iTunes App Store!

    F is for Falling approved

    Just got word that F is for Falling was just approved! It will be available in the App Store tomorrow. I’ll post a link when it’s live.

    Z is for Zombie Lite

    I just submitted Z is for Zombie Lite to the App Store. This lite version is the same as the full version, but only ships with the first level instead of all four. It also has a 90 second time limit on Survival Mode. So, it’s a small preview, but enough to give everyone a taste before they buy the full version :)

    V is for Vortex Featured

    I was browsing the iTunes App Store on my iPhone and saw that V is for Vortex is currently featured under Hot New Games! I just wish Apple notified you when you were being featured, I only found out by chance.

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