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Z is for Zombie 2.0 Lite

On Monday I submitted Z is for Zombie Lite 2.0,  and it is currently in review with Apple. As version 2.0 was a significant update for the full Z is for Zombie, this is also a pretty big update, porting over many of the same changes:

  • Progress Saving
  • High Scores
  • Statistics
  • Zombies have hit points
  • New Weapon! Pistol
  • Massive performance improvements
  • New onscreen controls (joystick)
  • Smoother Accelerometer Controls
  • New Game Over Screens
  • Finally, a ton of bug fixes

Obviously not everything came over, I need to leave some of the good things in the full version :) So, you only get 2 weapons in the Lite version, the Ninja Star and the Pistol. You’ll have to spend the $.99 cents to upgrade to the full version to get the Shotgun and PipeBombs. It should be out this evening, in the mean time you can grab version 1.0 and check it out!

Z is for Zombie 1.5

I started working on Z is for Zombie 1.5 last night, it’s going to be a huge update:

  • High Scores
  • Better Stats
  • Progress Saving
  • Multiple Weapons
  • Zombies have hitpoints
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Improvement onscreen controls (joystick)

I’m hoping to have it wrapped up within a week.

F is for Falling approved

Just got word that F is for Falling was just approved! It will be available in the App Store tomorrow. I’ll post a link when it’s live.

F is for Falling preview video

I just uploaded a quick preview video of F is for Falling

First V is for Vortex Champion

Got the first submission to the Poor Man’s Leaderboard this evening, from Matt33, he is the current champion completing V is for Vortex in a quick 21:04 minutes. Can you do better?