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Zombie Heads: Coming soon iPad & Mac

This past week I completed porting my game Zombie Heads to the iPad, and this morning I completed porting my game to the Mac App store! The iPad version should be available sometime late next week, and the Mac App version a week later.


Featured on Gizmodo

Two of my games have been featured in Gizmodo’s App Deals of the Day these past two days. Yesterday Obliteration HD was listed, today Z is for Zombie is listed, and has it’s icon featured in the main post!

Not bad for a last minute sale! Get them while they’re free. They go back to $.99 at midnight on October 31st!

Bigger Halloween Sale

As you already know, Freakin’ Zombie Heads has been on sale for Halloween for a few weeks now. Well, today, for the last week of October, both Obliteration HD and Z is for Zombie, are joining FZH! All three apps are free until Midnight on October 31st.

You can download all three games directly from the app store by clicking on the links below.

Freakin’ Zombie Heads

Obliteration HD

Z is for Zombie

False starts and a new game.

Well, I spent the past three weeks working on a new game, and it’s not going anywhere. It really pains me to do this, but I’ve shelved it for now. I think the main problem is that I designed all the artwork before I had a good framework done. I could push ahead and make the game, but I don’t think it’s one I’d want to play, and therefor, not worth working on at this time. I’m saving all the artwork, and the started project for the future though. I’m sure I’ll find a way to reuse it.

In better news, I was struck with inspiration today on the train ride home, and 90 minutes later I had the core of my next game done. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with GameSalad if you know what you’re working with. 90 minutes. Right now it’s just a bunch of blocks, but the basic gameplay is done. I’m just tweaking the physics, and fleshing out the gameplay to make it more engaging and challenging. Then comes the level design. I want to make this a big game with 100+ levels, so that should be fun. I’m also leaning from my past mistakes and making as much automatic as possible.

I’ll post a preview in the next week or so once it’s gets a little further off the ground. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.

It’ll be coming out for the iPhone / iPod Touch first, with an iPad version coming down the road.

HypnoPhone Lite is Out!

HypnoPhone Lite is out! It came out this morning. You can download it for free in the iTunes App Store. It features:

– Complete rewrite from the ground up
– 4 new illusions
– Performance Improvements

Freakin’ Zombie Heads submitted

After a few false starts working with the new iTunes Connect, I finally got Freakin’ Zombie Heads submitted this morning! Expected release date –  Friday the 13th of August 2010!

Freakin’ Zombie Heads page updated

The Freakin’ Zombie Heads game page has been updated with information about the game, and a ton of new screenshots. Check it out!

Sneak Peak at Freakin’ Zombie Heads

I’m wrapping up development on my next iPhone game – Freakin’ Zombie Heads. This is my first attempt at a non-doodle game. Every single piece of artwork was drawn on the iPad using the Sprite Something app.

Here’s a sneak peak:

F is for Falling 1.6 submitted

I just submitted an update for F is for Falling, version 1.6. It includes iOS 4.0 support for multitasking, improved performance, and even smoother tilt controls. I’m thinking about getting high resolution graphics in the next release, but it all depends if you would actually see a difference, this being a hand drawn game and all.

Updates and Progress

It’s been a busy few weeks, both professionally and personally, which is why there has not been as many updates. This is where I am with everything:

Obliteration HD – I’ve finished creating 25 new buildings, cut them up and added them to the game. I’ve been working on getting little zombies running around. I’ve got them moving, but I’m working on getting them smoother. I’ve also started designing the next level pack, as well as some bug fixes. I’m hoping to wrap it up in the next two weeks.

I’ve also stated work on two new apps. Once is a small utility for fun, the other will be a new game for the iPhone. It’s only down on paper so far, but I think it should be cool, look for those early / mid summer.

Finally, I’ve also gone back to some of my original games, Z is for Zombie, V is for Vortex and F is for Falling, and started tweaking the performance, load times, and adding new levels.

So, that’s it. I’m going to start posting at least once a week with status updates. I’ve got a TON of ideas rattling around in my head, I just wish I had more time to get them down on paper.