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Hypnosis HD released

Hypnosis HD is out and available in the App Store now. Head over to the product page to read more about it.

HypnoPad is now known as Hypnosis HD

Apple doesn’t like the name HypnoPad, so it is now known as Hypnosis HD. It’s back in review.


Last night I submitted a 2nd iPad only app called HypnoPad. It’s basically an upgrade to HypnoPhone, but iPad only. It’s got the same 9 illusions, but on the larger screen it’s _very_ effective. I made myself dizzy a few times during testing.

It’s in review right now, I’m hoping it get’s approved and is released in time for the Grand Opening. In the mean time, head over to the HypnoPad’s page to read more about it, and check out some screenshots.