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V is for Vortex / Z is for Zombie promo code contest!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve got 15 promo codes for each of my games, Z is for Zombie and V is for Vortex. To win a code, all you need to do is follow me on twitter and tweet something about the games.

1. Follow me on twitter:
2. Tweet a message, any message, about winning a code. It could be anything like “hoping to win a code for V is for Vortex”
3. Include this link:
4. Also include @jonmulcahy so I get the message

The contest is open until 11:59PM EST, at that time (or when I wake up), I will randomly select 15 messages per game. Every person can enter twice, one entry per game.

Once iTunes Connect opens back up I’ll have another contest, but until then, these are all the codes I’ve got.

Z is for Zombie contest over – V is for Vortex starting soon

ok, here’s the plan for the V is for Vortex contest. At 4:00pm EST I’ll send out a message, the first 20 people who reply / retweet back to my 4:00PM EST tweet get a promo code.

I’ll post back here when I’m sending the tweet out, but if you want a head start,  follow me now : ). You can find a link to my twitter account on the right, or below.

Also, if you don’t win today, I’ll be doing another contest over twitter christmas eve, so follow me now to get in on that.

… and leave a good review in iTunes : )

Promo Giveaway Coming

I’m going to be giving away 20 promo codes to both Z is for Zombie and V is for Vortex through Twitter later today.  All you’ll need to do is tweet a phrase and the first 40 people (you can only win one game) will get one!

Details soon