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Z is for Zombie interview

GameSalad interviewed me for my game Z is for Zombie. Check itout over here to see some screenshots of the prototype, and the raw backgrounds before and after color.

Z is for Zombie wins Gamesalad October Challenge

Z is for Zombie won Gamesalad’s October Game challenge!

Announcing the winner of our Game Challenge of the Month for October, Z is for Zombie by mulcahy.

In Z is for Zombie, players use a limited supply of throwing stars (because the shotgun is so last year) to fend off wave after wave of zombies. Fight your way through three different environments, each introducing new types of zombies with a boss-zombie battle at the end! Hand-drawn art and a creepy, atmospheric soundscape give this game a style all its own.

Z is for Zombie is also available on the iPhone App Store for $0.99.