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A Long Way Home Free- Now on the iPad

The free version of  A Long Way Home, appropriately called A Long Way Home Free, is now available for the iPad. This release of the game allows you to play the first 10 levels of the game for free. If you like it, you can unlock the next 90 levels for only $.99!!


Not many mobile or tablet games actually evoke an emotional response, but this game does.

– The Smart Phone App Review

A Long Way Home has all the hallmarks for an indie sleeper hit on the iPad.

– Pocket Gamer

Only a handful of games for the iPad can produce an emotional response, as A Long Way Home did for me. I hope it can do the same for you.

– Appolicious

If you’re up for patient, thoughtful gameplay that makes for an evocative experience, you should give A Long Way Home a shot.

– Touch Arcade

A Long Way Home for Mac now free!

Starting today, A Long Way Home for the Mac is now free. I decided to make this game free after lackluster sales on the mac platform. After so much work, I’d rather have it be free and many people use it than make a dollar a week.

If you like the game, for only $.99 you can buy it for your iPad too! :)

Download it on your Mac using the link below.

Obliteration HD Climbs the Charts

The other day I decided to make Obliteration HD free until midnight on Halloween. The next day it had over 2k downloads. The following day Gizmodo featured the game in their App Deals of the Day and it had over 5k downloads. Yesterday I had over 8k downloads.

This morning I logged into iTunes and saw that my little game was sitting at #12 of all free iPad apps… over all. I did some further checking and found that it’s currently sitting (at the time of this article) at:
#1 in US action and arcade
#3 in US Games

Wow! I just wish this was the paid charts.

I’ve got an update waiting for review to fix a level select bug in stage 6, along with some performance tweaks.

Bigger Halloween Sale

As you already know, Freakin’ Zombie Heads has been on sale for Halloween for a few weeks now. Well, today, for the last week of October, both Obliteration HD and Z is for Zombie, are joining FZH! All three apps are free until Midnight on October 31st.

You can download all three games directly from the app store by clicking on the links below.

Freakin’ Zombie Heads

Obliteration HD

Z is for Zombie

Z is for Zombie Lite is out!

Z is for Zombie Lite, the free version of my zombie side scroller, was released late last night. It’s basically the same as the full version of Z is for Zombie, except it only has the first level (of four), and a 90 second time limit on survival mode, instead of a unlimited.

You can read more about the game by visiting it’s website, or check it out in the app store.

V is for Vortex Lite is out!

V is for Vortex Lite is out, and it’s free! It has the first 6 levels of V is for Vortex, and upgrades at a much slower pace (6 levels instead of 18 per update).

You can read more about the game by visiting it’s website, or check it out in the app store!

Free / Lite Versions?

I’ve received a fair amount of questions asking if I’m going to be releasing free or lite versions of my games. The answer is yes. I’m wrapping up the free version of Z is for Zombie today, and V is for Vortex shouldn’t be too far behind. I’m hoping to get both of them submitted this weekend.

In Z is for Zombie, the free version will let you play the entire first level, as well as survival mode for 90 seconds.

In V is for Vortex, the free version will let you play the first 6 levels. This will get updated at the same rate as the real game but only 6 levels each update, instead of 18.  So, by the time the full version has 108 levels, the free one will have 30.

So, look for those towards the end of the month!