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Hypnosis – Now on Kindle Fire and Nook!

Hypnosis, one of the first apps I ever developed for the iPhone (HypnoPhone), has just been released on the Kindle Fire, Nook, and any other devices that utilize the Amazon App Store. It took a few days to port this over, redo the graphics and make sure everything was working, but I think the end result is nice. Now you can get to making your friends sick on any device you have! :)

A Long Way Home Walkthrough

I found someone who recorded a walkthrough of my game A Long Way Home. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

A Long Way Home Walkthrough Part 1

A Long Way Home Walkthrough Part 2

A Long Way Home Walkthrough Part 3

A Long Way Home Walkthrough Part 4

Coming soon to iPhone / iPod Touch

Both of my previous iPad only games, Obliteration HD and A Long Way Home, are coming to the iPhone and iPod touch this month! I wrapped up converting Obliteration HD last night, and A Long Way Home should be completed this week. Both games should be available in the App Store for only $.99 later this month.

Once this process is complete, I will be attempting to get them published to the Android Market.