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91 down, 9 to go

I wrapped up designing level 91 tonight. This is the home stretch, 9 more levels to go. I’ve already got them mapped out in my mind as far as content, all I have to do is place them down. With the train ride in tomorrow morning, I should have it finished during lunch.

Then it’s down to the fun stuff, dialog, sound effects, level tweaking and testing. Lots of testing.

I’m hoping for an end of April release on both the iPad and Mac App Stores.

Obliteration Mac App Preview Video

Obliteration HD Climbs the Charts

The other day I decided to make Obliteration HD free until midnight on Halloween. The next day it had over 2k downloads. The following day Gizmodo featured the game in their App Deals of the Day and it had over 5k downloads. Yesterday I had over 8k downloads.

This morning I logged into iTunes and saw that my little game was sitting at #12 of all free iPad apps… over all. I did some further checking and found that it’s currently sitting (at the time of this article) at:
#1 in US action and arcade
#3 in US Games

Wow! I just wish this was the paid charts.

I’ve got an update waiting for review to fix a level select bug in stage 6, along with some performance tweaks.

Falling is showing up in the App Store

F is for Falling has begun showing up in global app stores, mostly in Europe right now, expect it to show up in the US Store sometime after midnight!

You can find it in the app store here

F is for Falling

I’m wrapping up development on a new game that I created as part of the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge. It started making the game on Monday, and I’ll be wrapping up development today (Friday). I spent about 3 hours a day, so it came together pretty quick. The longest part of making the game was creating the art work.

It’s called F is for Falling. the goal is to fall as long as you can without dying. Your player, a stunt man, jumps out of a plane without a parachute, right above an airshow. Dodging Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons, Helicopters, Rockermen and Hang Gliders, not to mention all the birds, can you make it all the way back to earth?

It will be submitted to the App Store this weekend.

V is for Vortex featured again

Not only has V is for Vortex been listed in Hot New Games under Featured, it is also currently listed in Hot New Games under Popularity!

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Another Z is for Zombie review

Appmodo just published a review of Z is for Zombie. Go check it out