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Zombie Heads hits the Mac App Store ($.99)

My second Mac App game hit the app store late last night. Zombie Heads, a matching game, is a port of the iPad version of the game.

In Zombie Heads, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can. When two heads are matched, they explode, making room for more. The zombie heads fall at an increasing rate of speed, threatening to overflow the trash can. If they reach the top, you lose! As you destroy more and more zombie heads in a row, you unlock achievements, and increase your bonus multiplier. In a tight spot? Save the dynamite powerup to quickly clear the screen, but user beware! Using the dynamite resets your streak!

It is available in the Mac App Store for $.99

Game Page:

iTunes Link:


Review of Obliteration (Mac App) posted a review yesterday of my game Obliteration. They seemed to really like it!


Sneak Peak at Obliteration HD

A quick sneak peak at Obliteration HD – an upcoming hand drawn iPad game. Obliteration HD is basic Arcade game where you fly around and blow buildings up. There are 35 levels, with a European Expansion pack following shortly after the iPad is released.

You can also head over to the Obliteration HD page to read more about it.




Just a quick sneak peak at my upcoming iPad game. It’s called Obliteration and is coming along pretty quick. I’ve managed to get most of the artwork done, improved the gameplay in the Alpha and finally settled on the name. It’s an action / arcade game that will have 28-35 levels.

I’m hoping to have a working beta this weekend, I’ll post a YouTube video when it’s ready.

Z is for Zombie 2.0 hits the app store!

Z is for Zombie 2.0, the latest update for my first game, hit the app store about 4 hours ago. It should be showing up in your Update Games list shortly. It was a huge update, and in case you’ve missed the numerous posts about what was in it, I’ll post it again:

  • Progress Saving
  • High Scores
  • Statistics
  • Zombies have hit points
  • New Weapons! Pistol / Shotgun / PipeBomb
  • Massive performance improvements
  • New onscreen controls (joystick)
  • Smoother Accelerometer Controls
  • Unlockable Freeplay (go back and beat your score)
  • New Game Over Screens
  • Finally, a ton of bug fixes

YouTube Preview:

Z is for Zombie 2.0 YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video showing the new features in Z is for Zombie 2.0, the locked freeplay levels, new weapons and the new High Scores and Statistics screens. It’s sitting in review, and I’m hoping it comes out early this week.

HypnoPhone 2.0 is out!

HypnoPhone is a ‘game’ I made last spring when I was first learning how to get stuff on the iPhone. It was pretty basic, but has some measure of popularity in the App Store. A few weeks ago I completely rewrote it from the group up, and it was just approved!

This new version is faster, smoother, and most importantly, now has a speed slider to adjust the spinning speed of objects. Just touch the screen near the home button to see the slider, and touch the screen near the ear piece to go back to the main menu.

You can check out some screenshots of it in action by visiting the games website.

Climbing the rankings

F is for Falling has been steadly climbing the App Store rankings, faster and higher than I ever though would happen. In the United States, it currently sits at:

  • Number 74 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 95 in the Top 100 Paid Action Games
  • Number 246 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 528 in Paid Apps Overall

That’s just incredible. In Canada it’s doing just as well:

  • Number 84 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 112 in the Paid Action Games
  • Number 319 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 673 in Paid Apps Overall

And in Macau

  • Number 14 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games
  • Number 20 in the Top 100 Paid Action Games
  • Number 47 in Paid Games Overall
  • Number 116 in Paid Apps Overall

Pretty cool!

F is for Falling 1.1 is out!

F is for Falling 1.1 was released tonight, it’s got a number of features:

  • Better icon
  • Bug fix: Player could end up off the screen
  • Bug fix: when an object killed you, the same object was the first thing you got when restarting the game
  • Bug fix: entering the game and playing without looking at your high scores first will clear out scores 2-10
  • Bug fix: hitting Pause repeadily will duplicate the hazards
  • Enhancement: Leader Boards button on High Scores screen
  • Available in the App Store now!

    V is for Vortex 1.3 is out!

    V is for Vortex 1.3 was just approved! This is a smaller update, just some general tweaks and bugfixes. The next major update will have 18 new levels!

    • Achievement Bug Fixes
    • Added leader board button on achievements screen
    • Added achievement descriptions