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A Long Way Home – CNET Australia’s App of the Day

I woke up this morning and saw a google alert that my game A Long Way Home is CNET Australia’s App of the Day! For those of you unaware, I released this game last summer to some great reviews on Touch Arcade, Appolicious, Pocket Gamer, but it never really went anywhere with sales. I didn’t submit any sort of review request, so the fact that they found the game and liked it enough to make it app of the day is pretty cool.

A Long Way Home is available on most portable devices

[CNET Australia’s App of the Day]

Another review of A Long Way Home for Android posted a Android Market roudup this week, and A Long Way Home was included in it. You can read the full review here:

Android Market roundup. Go fast, edit photos and be a cube


A Long Way Home (Mac) Still Holding Strong!

The Mac version of A Long Way Home is still holding strong at the top of the Free Apps Rankings. It’s slipped a few spaces in the US, but it’s climbing in rank all over in Europe. It’s been downloaded almost 6000 times since I made it free, and it currently has a 4 star rating!

Here’s a quick rundown as of 9am:

Number 1 in Arcade

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • United States


Number 1 in Adventure

  • France
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Paraguay


Number 1 in All Games

  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland


It’s in the Arcade Top Ten here: Germany (2), Hong Kong (2), Japan (2), Russia (3), Paraguay (4), Romania (4), Bulgaria (6), China (6), Panama (6), Sinapore (6), Canada (7), Spain (7), Greece (8), Latvia(8), Netherlands (9) and Taiwan (10).

It’s in the Adventure Top Ten here: Belgium (2), UK (2), US (2), Germany (2), Hong Kong (2), China (2), Singapore (2), Canada (2), Japan (3), Romania (3), Netherlands (3), Latvia (4), Panama (4), Taiwan (4), Greece (5), Spain (6),  Finland (6), Bulgaria (7),  Croatia(7), Estonia (8), Lithuania (8), Ireland (9), Israel (9), Mexico (9), and Denmark (9)

It’s in the Top Ten Games here: Belgium (3), Switzerland (4), Hong Kong (5), Italy (6),  UK (7), Germany (9), US (10), and Russia (10)

It’s in the Top Ten Apps here: France (2), Luxembourg (2), and Poland (8)


A Long Way Home – In Good Company

Touch Arcade has a post on their front page about games coming out tonight, and I made the list! It’s in great company too, Tales of Monkey Island EP 2, Celtic Heros, and Flick Golf Extreme!

You can see it for yourself if you head over to TouchArcade

A Long Way Home – iPad & Mac Launching Tomorrow!

It’s official, both the iPad & Mac versions of A Long Way Home will be available tomorrow, June 16th, in their respective app stores. This has been a long work in progress, and I’m glad it’s finally out there.

The game has already started showing up in some international stores as the clock ticks over, and PocketGamer already has a quick review out.

Calming music? Check. Simple but evocative concept? Check. Yes, A Long Way Home has all the hallmarks for an indie sleeper hit on the iPad.

I hope people like this game.

Some people over on TouchArcade requested some more gameplay video showing some of the more difficult aspects of the game. The original video showed a pretty basic game. So, here it is, some of the more deadly hazards in A Long Way Home.

[Mac Version]  [iPad Version]

iPad Approved

I love getting an email with this line :)

If all goes as expected, it should be released this thursday.