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Trace Your Name 2.0 released!

Trace Your Name 2.0 has been released on the iTunes App Store, Windows 8 Store and Amazon Appstore. Version 2.0 is a complete redesign over 1.0 and includes many new features and improvements, including a much larger font and different tracing colors.

Trace Your Name is geared towards children just learning to write their name, it allows them to trace their name over and over again without wasting paper. In Trace Your Name you can also practice writing the alphabet and numbers!
Once your child has traced their name or the word on the screen, you can hide the guide letters and see how they did. As they get more advanced, you can switch off the letter arrows and just show the letter itself. Trace Your Name supports both left and right handed children.

The full list of improvements for version 2.0 includes:
– Significantly larger letters, it is now much easier for small fingers to trace their name.
– A new letter and number practice areas. The letters and numbers fill the screen.
– New zoom mode! Press the magnifying glass to zoom out and view the entire name at once. tap again to zoom in on the individual letters. You can now trace your name, hide the background letters and zoom out to see how your child did!
– New colors to trace with! You can now touch the color wheel to select one of six vibrant colors to trace with.
– Universal app! (iOS only)

Promo codes for iOS are available upon request.

Halloween Matcher 2.0

Since Halloween is right around the corner I decided to give Halloween Matcher a face lift, new features, and port it to new platforms. As you can see below, it looks quite different. The entire game is less graphically busy and I remove the old hard mode, which would have been more appropriately titled “impossible”. I also converted the game to be a universal app for iOS devices, and ported the game to the Kindle Fire, Nook and Windows 8. Check it out, it’s perfect for your little ones. My 2 year old loves it!


iOS 7 Support Update 2

Over the past week I pushed a few more updates into the wild. I converted Zombie Heads HD (iPad) and Zombie Heads (iPhone) to a universal app. Both versions of the game will get the update.

I also converted Obliteration HD / Obliteration Mini to a universal app, grouped the leader boards together and created a brand new stage! Again, both published versions of the game will get the update.

Only a few left to go!

HypnoPhone Lite is Out!

HypnoPhone Lite is out! It came out this morning. You can download it for free in the iTunes App Store. It features:

– Complete rewrite from the ground up
– 4 new illusions
– Performance Improvements

HypnoPhone Lite 2.0 Submitted

I’m happy to announce I just submitted HypnoPhone Lite 2.0. Like the full version of HypnoPhone, this was a complete rewrite of the application, and brings some major performance improvements, new illusions and full iOS4 support. You can read all about it over on the product page.

HypnoPhone Update

I just submitted an update for HypnoPhone bringing full iOS4 support to the app.

F is for Falling update

I just submitted an update for F is for Falling. It’s a small one, but makes the player move quicker at full speed.

F is for Falling 1.6 Released!

F is for Falling, version 1.6 should be hitting the app store shortly. It includes iOS 4.0 support for multitasking, improved performance, and even smoother tilt controls.

F is for Falling 1.6 submitted

I just submitted an update for F is for Falling, version 1.6. It includes iOS 4.0 support for multitasking, improved performance, and even smoother tilt controls. I’m thinking about getting high resolution graphics in the next release, but it all depends if you would actually see a difference, this being a hand drawn game and all.

Obliteration HD 1.3 is out!

Obliteration HD 1.3 is out!

Version 1.3 brings a ton of enhancements, bug fixes and some performance improvements, making the game even better. Some of the more significant improvements are:

  • Bug Fix: Dropping your last bomb in water would prevent the game from progressing
  • Bug Fix: Trying to select stages 5,6 or 7 manually wasn’t working
  • Enhancement: To make the game a little more challenging, the bomb is now affected by wind. The wind direction and speed is designated by the Clouds.
  • Enhancement: Zombies! They walk around, you can blow them up
  • Enhancement: Short Tutorial Page
  • Enhancement: Performance Improvements

Obliteration HD is available in the App Store for $1.99. Obliteration HD 1.3 is a free update for existing users.