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36 new levels for V is for Vortex

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V is for Vortex 1.1 preview

quick preview of some levels from 1.1

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Z is for Zombie 1.3 has been submitted

Z is for Zombie 1.3 was submitted late last night after finally tracking down and resolving a bug. The update is pretty huge:

  • The main screen has been redesigned, clicking on freeplay no longer causes it to slide off screen to display new options; instead a small drawer opens up. This resolved two issues: first, it was a common occurance that the menu would keep sliding completely off the screen, the buttons were still active, but you couldn’t see what you were clicking on. Secondly, some of the buttons were off kilter, but both of those are fixed.
  • Survival Mode AI bug: There was a bug in the AI in survival mode, becuase of the way the AI worked, the zombies would all come at you in a straight line, which made it very very easy. They now come out at different lines requiring you to actually move
  • Balancing: In survival mode the ammo box spawned way to often, it was possible to have hundreds of spare ammo, while in the game itself, it didn’t spawn often enough. Both have been adjusted
  • Onscreen Controls: The game now has optional onscreen controls (enabled by default).  Accelerometer controls are still available for those of you who perfer that, just go into settings to turn them on or off.
  • New Level: The Mall – the mall level is finally complete, battle your way through the mall to Santa’s Village for the fight of your life. Santa has been bitten by a zombie and has half turned.

That’s all I can remember that made it into 1.3. I started working on 1.4 today, it’s going to have new weapons, some secret areas, and new area’s to play survival mode in.

Z is for Zombie 1.3 screenshots

Here are a few proper screenshots of Z is for Zombie 1.3:

  • new main screen – clicking on freeplay opens the drawer with the level select option
  • new settings screen – from here you can enable or disable the accelerometer controls
  • new onscreen controls – the D pad and the Shoot button




V is for Vortex 1.01 preview video

Ok everyone, as promised, here is a quick preview of the new features in 1.01. It should be out in mid december. Followed by 1.1 towards the end of December which will have the 18 new levels. If you have any feedback, post below or join in the discussion over on the Touch Arcade forums.

1.01 includes:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Pause System
  • Onscreen Controls
  • Selectable Vortex Type

Manual Control Mockup

Here’s a mockup of the new onscreen controls for V is for Vortex. It’s not a working prototype yet, that should be tomorrow. I’ll post a youtube video of it then.

From left to right:

Move Left | Move Right | space reserved | Pause | Vortex Select | Jump



Santa – Zombified

I’m wrapping up development on Z is for Zombie 1.3, and as you may or may not know, it takes place in the mall:

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I wanted to post a preview of the ultimate boss for Z is for Zombie. After fighting your way through the mall, you end up at Santa’s Village, and have to battle with Santa himself. He was caught up in the Zombie Plague and was half turned. Since he was already immortal, he couldn’t really become one of the undead.

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Which brings me to the sequal to Z is for Zombie – S is for Santa. In S, you must chase Santa over land and air, finally ending up at the North Pole. 

 S is for Santa is due out mid-december.

Z is for Zombie 1.3 – The Mall

As you may or may not know, in Z is for Zombie 1.3 there is a new level coming, The Mall. I finished inking and coloring the first stage of it this morning:

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I also got 1/2 through the second stage of it this afternoon. I should be wrapping it up in the morning and hopefully submitting 1.3 for review by the end of the weekend. If you like this sort of thing, follow me on twitter, I tend to post pics of the prototypes I’m working in.

V is for Vortex level packs

I’ve had some questions about the number of levels in V is for Vortex. Version 1.0 shipped with 18 levels, which is a far cry of how many I wanted to include, but time was not on my side. I just want to put in writing the plans for V, and what you can expect:

There will be at least 100 levels in the game:

  • 1.0: 18 levels
  • 1.1: 18 more levels – (36 total)
  • 1.2: 18 more levels – (54 total)
  • 1.3: 18 more levels – (72 total)
  • 1.4: 18 more levels – (90 total)
  • 1.5: 18 more levels – (108 total)

so, I guess that puts the minimum number of levels at 108. If sales are good, I’ll keep going, but I promise at least 108 levels. Right now it takes about 2 weeks from start to finish for each ‘level pack’. Then another 10-14 days for apple to approve, so I expect 1.1 to come out towards the end of december. If I can get ahead of the curve, the updates should come out a little quicker.

And just to be perfectly clear, each update is free.