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A Long Way Home – Nearing Completion.

After 8 mths of development and many false starts, I’m FINALLY ready to take the wraps off a game I’ve been working on since last August. It’s called A Long Way Home. In this game you play as an astronaut who is stranded out in space. By collecting Dark Matter, you can open portals that warp you closer to home. You can only jump 1 light year at a time, and you’re 100 light years from earth. So, you guessed it. There are 100 levels in this game.

In the video below, you can see the main menu system: selecting control schemes, toggling gamecenter / music and the level select system. The levels are laid out in stages. Each stage is a ‘galaxy’ of 10 levels. Each new stage introduces a new hazard you need to get around. Some are easy, some are very hard.

If all goes well I’ll be submitting this game June 1st. I designed this game with the MacApp store in mind as well, so if all goes well, it will be launching simultaneously in both stores. That’s all that is left to tweak. Part of my marketing plan is to release GameCenter updates to 5 older games with a link to this game, and make them free.

For some reason YouTube kills the colors of this game, I don’t know if I’m encoding it wrong or what, but the colors are more vibrant, and the fade at the beginning is smooth.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it!

Full Speed Ahead

I have made significant progress in completing my new game. This week I completed all 100 levels, and this morning I completed adding the dialog to every level that required it. That was a huge pain, but it’s done now. I still have to go back through the game and remove some unnecessary actors to improve performance, add some background details to bring the game to live a little more, and make some adjustments to the artwork.

The last major project is going to be redoing the intro / menu system, I don’t like the current iteration of it.

Almost there! I hope to begin testing in a week.

91 down, 9 to go

I wrapped up designing level 91 tonight. This is the home stretch, 9 more levels to go. I’ve already got them mapped out in my mind as far as content, all I have to do is place them down. With the train ride in tomorrow morning, I should have it finished during lunch.

Then it’s down to the fun stuff, dialog, sound effects, level tweaking and testing. Lots of testing.

I’m hoping for an end of April release on both the iPad and Mac App Stores.

Welcome iPad users!

I just read about the plugin OnSwipe for WordPress, which formats this page special for the iPad. So, I installed it.

and it looks awesome.

If you have an iPad, check it out!

Zombie Heads hits the Mac App Store ($.99)

My second Mac App game hit the app store late last night. Zombie Heads, a matching game, is a port of the iPad version of the game.

In Zombie Heads, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can. When two heads are matched, they explode, making room for more. The zombie heads fall at an increasing rate of speed, threatening to overflow the trash can. If they reach the top, you lose! As you destroy more and more zombie heads in a row, you unlock achievements, and increase your bonus multiplier. In a tight spot? Save the dynamite powerup to quickly clear the screen, but user beware! Using the dynamite resets your streak!

It is available in the Mac App Store for $.99

Game Page:

iTunes Link:


Review of Obliteration (Mac App) posted a review yesterday of my game Obliteration. They seemed to really like it!


Review of Zombie Heads

touchreviews just posted a review of Zombie Heads. You can read it here:



Obliteration 1.7 hits the Mac Store and App Store

Obliteration and Obliteration HD version 1.7 hit their respective app stores over the past 48 hours. This update provides some requested features, bug and performance fixes and the framework for what aims to be a random level generator!

The full list of updates is below:

  • Sound Effect / Music controls
  • Animated Falling Bomb
  • Ground work for Random Level generator
  • Bug Fixes

I’m working on version 2.0 which will include the random level generator, among other things.

Zombie Heads: Coming soon iPad & Mac

This past week I completed porting my game Zombie Heads to the iPad, and this morning I completed porting my game to the Mac App store! The iPad version should be available sometime late next week, and the Mac App version a week later.