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A Long Way Home – CNET Australia’s App of the Day

I woke up this morning and saw a google alert that my game A Long Way Home is CNET Australia’s App of the Day! For those of you unaware, I released this game last summer to some great reviews on Touch Arcade, Appolicious, Pocket Gamer, but it never really went anywhere with sales. I didn’t submit any sort of review request, so the fact that they found the game and liked it enough to make it app of the day is pretty cool.

A Long Way Home is available on most portable devices

[CNET Australia’s App of the Day]

Obliteration – Now Free!

I’m working on Obliteration II, and what better way to get motivated than make Obliteration I free! That’s right, Obliteration I, available on the iPad / iPhone / Mac App Store / Android Market / Kindle Fire is now free!

You can download them using the links below. It may take some time before the price is updated everywhere, but it’s free on the iPad and Android Market now.

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