A Long Way Home – Approved

A Long Way Home has been approved. After almost 10 months of work, I never thought this day would come. This game has evolved many times since I started working on it, and for the better. The method of gameplay has drastically changed from my original thoughts, the graphics were done and redone and redone again. The levels were designed, tweaked and tweaked again. I have put more effort into this game than all of my previous ones combined, and it’s finally ready.

Apple approved the game last night, but I’m holding it until Thursday. That is the day it hits the app store. If you would like a pre-release promo code to do a review, please contact me.

I don’t think the simultaneous iPad / Mac launch is going to happen, I made a mistake that apple caught during the review process, so I had to resubmit the game. I’ve contacted them about an expedited review, but I’m not holding my breath.

You can read the game’s description below, or hit the link at the bottom to visit the game’s page. Let’s hope Thursday is a great launch day!

You have been stranded 100 light years from Earth, can you survive the long way home?

After a catestrophic ship explosion, you must make your way home 1 light year at a time. Encounter exploding asteroids, teleporting dark matter, comets and more on your epic journey home.

A Long Way Home is a action / physics / puzzle game set in space. Making you way through 100 levels across 10 stages you must jump from asteroid to asteroid collecting enough dark matter to open a portal to the next level.

– GAMECENTER Leaderboards for each stage
– 100 Levels
– Physics Style Gameplay
– 3 Control Types (Accelerometer, Hot Zones and Onscreen Buttons)
– Stunning Graphics
– Fantastic Ambient Music

[A Long Way Home]

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