Zombie Heads hits the Mac App Store ($.99)

My second Mac App game hit the app store late last night. Zombie Heads, a matching game, is a port of the iPad version of the game.

In Zombie Heads, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can. When two heads are matched, they explode, making room for more. The zombie heads fall at an increasing rate of speed, threatening to overflow the trash can. If they reach the top, you lose! As you destroy more and more zombie heads in a row, you unlock achievements, and increase your bonus multiplier. In a tight spot? Save the dynamite powerup to quickly clear the screen, but user beware! Using the dynamite resets your streak!

It is available in the Mac App Store for $.99

Game Page: http://howihatethenight.com/mac-games/zombie-heads/

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-heads/id421620009?mt=12&ls=1


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