Freakin Zombie Head’s preview video

I just finished putting together a quick video preview of my new iPhone game. I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks in my spare time, so it’s been a basic one. Every single piece of artwork was drawn by me on my iPad using Sprite Something, a great 8bit art tool. Anyways, I’m very happy with it. I took an extra week to really polish off the game, adding instructions, sound effects and background animations. I think it really makes the game look fluid.

About the Game

Freakin’ Zombie Heads is a new iPhone game due out August of 2010. In FZH, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can. When two heads are matched, they explode, making room for more. The zombie heads fall at an increasing rate of speed, threatening to overflow the trash can. If they reach the top, you lose! As you destroy more and more zombie heads in a row, you unlock achievements, and increase your bonus multiplier. In a tight spot? Save the dynamite powerup to quickly clear the screen, but user beware! Using the dynamite resets your streak!


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  1. TheD

    Wait a second, I want to make sure I’ve got this straight. So, you made a preview video for your iPhone app, but I need Flash to see it on your blog, which we all know doesn’t run on the iPhone? Add a link to YouTube so it’s not a complete fail.

  2. Jonathan Mulcahy

    oops, sorry about that, the plug is supposed to automatically provide a link if you don’t have flash. I’ve added one manually.

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