Obliteration HD in review

So, the first update to Obliteration HD is in review, and brings many changes and improvements to the game. Actually having an iPad to test with made a world of difference. The iPad had a lot more processing power than I anticipated, so I was able to really tweak the gameplay a lot. The levels have more buildings, the buildings have more pieces, and actually have fire and smoke effects when they explode.

I’ve recut and redone every single building graphic in the game. I gave them a real distressed look, which goes with the theme of the game. There were some bugs and tweaks I made to the physics engine, and things look smoother and more realisitic.  I’ve also redone the island levels, so the buildings fall into the ocean instead of over it.

There is an actual point and goal to the game now too. Previously all you had to do was blow stuff up, but you got no indication you did a good job outside of your score, but it didn’t matter what you did in each level. Now it does. There is now a Red Zone line under which you must bring every building. If you look at the screenshot below, you can see the new building artwork, as well as the  Red Zone indicator and the building height indicator. You have to get that line under the red zone line in order to pass each level:

Here is the new fire / smoke and falling water effects:

A few more screenshots:

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