Z is for Zombie 2.0 hits the app store!

Z is for Zombie 2.0, the latest update for my first game, hit the app store about 4 hours ago. It should be showing up in your Update Games list shortly. It was a huge update, and in case you’ve missed the numerous posts about what was in it, I’ll post it again:

  • Progress Saving
  • High Scores
  • Statistics
  • Zombies have hit points
  • New Weapons! Pistol / Shotgun / PipeBomb
  • Massive performance improvements
  • New onscreen controls (joystick)
  • Smoother Accelerometer Controls
  • Unlockable Freeplay (go back and beat your score)
  • New Game Over Screens
  • Finally, a ton of bug fixes

YouTube Preview:

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