Contests over for now

Contests are over for now, I gave away almost 50 codes for both Z is for Zombie and V is for Vortex, and they went fast. I also picked up like 30 new followers, not many compared to many people, but that was a 50% increase for me!

I’m still sending out codes, I’ve only sent out 1 V is for Vortex code so far, but the twitter users below¬†won (forgive me if i spelled your name wrong, I had to write them all down quickly from my phone).¬† It’s going to take me awhile to send out all the codes, but they are coming.

This thursday, Christmas Eve I’ll be holding another contest. I’ll have a few Z is for Zombie / V is for Vortex promo codes to give away. Everyone who wins will also get a copy of my other app HypnoPhone (HypnoPhone Lite is free). HypnoPhone is one of the first apps I made, and it was released last spring. It’s a basic, but fun, hypnosis app that really only succeeds in making people dizzy :)

V is for Vortex Winners!

  • mgencarelli
  • 32g_iphone3gs
  • atomrofl
  • mattlukens
  • drelbs
  • dashizwiz19
  • eggzbacon
  • nhaus11
  • zack725
  • foozelz
  • goldglover411
  • Plast2
  • thatonetechguy
  • smheadrick11
  • nascorrocks
  • ipwngamez
  • imrganhi
  • itweeview
  • smithy1111
  • sherm7808
  • jacquesburdet
  • zakbob
  • foozel7
  • banjorudy


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  1. Plast2

    I think I was, if not the first then very close to being the first to retweet? Or something is wrong in my end of the tweet system :)

  2. Plast2

    At least the first to message back to TA too I see…

    please please save a code :)

  3. Jonathan Mulcahy

    You’re safe, i was typing so fast on the iphone keyboard Plast2 came out as ‘elastz’

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